Center for Mindful Grieving aims to provide in-depth, one of a kind, creative, specialized grief healing, recovery, and life transformation modalities and services to the disenfranchised of our community who are experiencing any degree of emotional pain (grief) while fostering long-term, broad-ranging community impact.

Center for Mindful Grieving exists to facilitate a mindful, non-stigmatizing resource & place for individuals & families impacted by death.

We take a holistic, alternative approach to processing grief by harnessing one’s emotional pain to release, heal, adjust, & transform one’s life after the loss, thereby manifesting a more stabilized, connected, & authentic existence.

Center for Mindful Grieving housed under The Savignac in Sarasota, Florida, provides an alternative to traditional grief counseling and support groups. Center for Mindful Grieving is not focused on traditional methods of grief counseling that tend to intellectualize the experience.

We focus on the emotional and spiritual experience of grief in order to move the client THROUGH the experience feeling enlightened, transformed, and more authentic in their life after the loss.

Center for Mindful Grieving does not believe that quality, in-depth, systemic emotional health services focused on grief recovery and life transformation should only be accessible to the wealthy or well-insured. Center for Mindful Grieving brings this work to the financially challenged and disenfranchised of our communities around the world, with a special focus on all who are so fortunate to call the Gulf Coast home.

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