Imagine if, like a rehabilitation center, there was an "adjustment center" dedicated to facilitating authentic healing, recovery and life transformation after the death of a loved one... Imagine if when you were grieving there was a place you could retreat to and trust that you’d be made whole again after your loss...

Center for Mindful Grieving exists to facilitate a mindful, non-stigmatizing resource & place for individuals & families impacted by death. We take a holistic approach to grieving by harnessing one’s emotional pain to heal, adjust, & transform after the loss thereby manifesting a more stabilized, connected, & authentic existence.

Center for Mindful Grieving was born from my own experience & journey THROUGH grief.

On July 9, 2005 my brother (my only sibling) who suffered for many years, died from a rare disease called Adrenoleukodystrophy at the age of 26. My life & world changed forever. In addition to watching a sibling, who I loved like my own child because of the many years spent caring for him, die a slow, degenerative death, I was then faced with the aftermath of adjusting to a new existence, a new identity, a new normal, as an “only child” compounded by the heaviness of a grief stricken heart. How was I to do that? I went on a quest to uncover & discover tools that helped me heal & transform my life into a more authentic existence. I set on a mission to bring what I discovered to as many people as possible. After a 10 year career in the medical & pharmaceutical industries, my last of which was with the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, I was financially successful yet spiritually unfulfilled. My loss led me to change my career path, obtain my Masters, & build my Life THROUGH Loss™ practice, philosophy and brand of therapy that today educates & facilitates unique grief recovery & life transformation for many on the Suncoast who are financially stable or well-insured. But grief doesn't discriminate. Grief doesn't care if you are rich or poor. The only criteria is that you are human... Grief is a universal and inevitable experience.

Emotional health is not a luxury. I do not believe quality, in-depth grief recovery & life transformation work should only be accessible to the well-off or well-insured. When you are grieving, your emotional, mental, physical, & spiritual health are at risk for impairment & dysfunction. The impact is not only felt within oneself, but also within the family system, & ultimately the community. Our objective is to bring unique healing & life transformational modalities & one-of-a-kind, result-driven therapeutic services to anyone regardless of income.

Center for Mindful Grieving will remove the cloak of stigma and shame that many in grief are wrapped in one client at a time.

Unlike traditional ways that facilitate one's ability to cope with grief emotions, Center for Mindful Grieving will empower clients to move through their grief and come out on the other side of the experience healed, recovered, and transformed.

I am humbled daily by this mission, and feel deeply honored to offer this service to the world.